News & Updates

Version V8.7.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 04/10/2020

Version 8.7.0 is now available.

All the latest booklets have been added to Section 2.

A 1K update for B861a

Additional barcodes added to B826, B828 & B846, thanks to info from Adrian.

Minor wording and pricing changes to Section 1 Pages 1 to 4.

Version V8.6.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 26/06/2020

Version 8.6.0 is now available.

Contains all the latest issues up to April 2020, Section 2, pages 220 to 225

New discoveries in Section 1, pages 43, 60 & 62

Additional updates to Section 5, pages 4, 23 & 24

Version V8.5.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 22/05/2020

V8.5.0 Released

Contains all the latest releases.

Version V8.4.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 25/02/2020


After a couple of successful purchases at auction, I can now show images for B149(1) and B171(2).

A new discovery is the Blue Overprint on General Barcode for B257a(2)v

New pages for Section 2, 217-219.

New prestige in Section 3 & Christmas Island in Section 4.

Continued work on Section 5 Unofficials.

In Section 5, after another successful purchase, updated UB28, which technically should be included in Section 2,

like the Parramatta, Rockdale & Bexley Football booklets.

Version V8.3.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 28/12/2019

Version 8.3.0

Added new booklets up to Christmas 2019.

Minor tidy up of definitions regarding paper and cover

colour variations detected by using UV light and

Perforation sizes in Section 2, pages 2 to 18.

Latest Christmas Island release.

First stage of a rewrite of Section 5 Unofficial Booklets.

Version 8.2.0

Published by Bruce Sergent on 08/11/2019

Version 8.2.0 - What's New

Latest Booklets added.

New Prestige Booklet

Reprint overprint for B481

Added fully revised and updated Norfolk Island pages.

Version V8.1.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 18/09/2019

Version 8.1.0 - What's new

This release sees a complete revision of Section 2. More images and details added.

Section 4 also revised.

Added fully revised and expanded Lord Howe Island pages. (Norfolk Island coming soon).

Latest releases also included.

Approximately 100 additional pages.

Version V7.3.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 18/08/2019


Added new Moon Landing booklets & pack.

Added Overprints B723(1) & B815(1)

New Appendices section, including indexes & cross references for overprints.

Mini advertising insert images as a handy reference guide.

Version V7.2.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 09/07/2019

Version 7.2.0 - What's New

New finds B127Hg & B130AfS

Corrected confusion regarding "Only seen as Stapled Remakes" in Section 1

Added overprint B788(1)

New booklet releases up to June 4, 2019, including Collection Packs.

Corrected a few barcode number errors.

Minor typo corrections.

Version V7.1.0 Released

Published by Bruce Sergent on 20/06/2019

V7.1.0 is released and ready for download.